ZONEPACK 3.5L Water Liquid Filling Machine, Double Head, Microcomputer Automatic, With Medicine Chemical Self-priming Thermal Protection

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  1. 2 heads filling machine can fill 2 bottles one-time.
  2. Compact Digital Control Pump Liquid Filling Machine.
  3. Controled by micro-computer, fill liquid by setting the filling time and speed.
  4. Filling Liquid From 5-3500ml very precisely per filling head.
  5. Digital Panel, very easy to operate.
  6. ZONEPACK one year warranty . if u meet any problem . please contact with us .such as how to use it.


  • Voltage AC 110V
  • Power 220W
  • Filling Range 5ml-3500ml/min for each filling head
  • Max Flow Rate 4L/min
  • Weight 11.5kgs
  • Max Suck Distance 2meter
  • Anti-dripping Funtion: Available
  • Memory Function out of power: Available
  • Interior diameter of filling nozzle 5mm

Widely used in medical, chemistry, food, beverage, oil, and cosmetics, etc.
Can be widely used in filling many different types of clear thin liquid,including water, olive oil, fuel, drinks, vinegar, milk etc.
LCD liquid crystal display, touching panel operation more convenient and simple.

1. Import single-chip microcomputer control, high efficiency, low power consumption
2. Automatic counting function, effectively control filling quantiy
3. Digital tube display, touch screen is very easy to operate
4. High filing accuracy
5. Wide Voltage range
6. Working performance is stable and can be used for long time
7. This can self-suck the liquid.
8. The pump can stand acid and alkali
9. Anti-dripping design with 6 heads.
10. Reasonable design, made of stainless steel, meet GMP requirement

this one can't use for the thickness more than essential oil