ZONESUN Pneumatic Friction Welding Baler Strapping Machine Air PET Banding Machine Tool ZS-B19

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Size: Strap width 19mm
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Mode: B19.B25
Tensionforceof binding band(when  input air pressure is 0.63Mpa):3500N
Max.  allowable  working pressure :0.8Mpa
Requiredd scope of working pressure :0.5~ 0.7Mpa(72~ 100psi)
Ideal working press:sure: 0.63Mpa
Weight of packaging miachine: 3.65kg 
Total length:300mm(base70mm)
Width: 149.5mmHeight: 173mm .
Material of packaging belt: PET
Width of packaging belt: smaller than 19mm/  smaller than 25 mm
Thickness packaging belt: 0.5-1.5mm
Vibration quantity: meet requirements of ISO5349
Consumption of compressed air: 0.3L/Min
Fusion time: 2-5s
(1) Tightener: 3,500N (when 0.63Mpa)
(2) Cutting device
Heavy cutting device
The heavy cutting device is composed of blade holder and blade and is used tocut0.5-1.5mm thick packaging belt.
Friction cutting device
Thefriction cuting device is used to cut0.5- -0.7mm thick ight PET packaging belt.
B19, B25 proper hooks may be suspended at different positions (top sealing,vertical sealing,and horizontal sealing).