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Streamline Your Packaging Process with Paste and Liquid Rotary Filling and Capping Machine
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Streamline Your Packaging Process with Paste and Liquid Rotary Filling and Capping Machine

Paste and Liquid Rotary Filling and Capping Machine

The ZONESUN ZS-AFC30 is a versatile monoblock machine designed to streamline your production process. It combines bottle alignment, precise filling, capping, and torque adjustment in one compact unit. Whether you’re filling creams, sauces, or other liquid products, the ZS-AFC30 is a reliable solution for efficient packaging.

  1. Dual-System Functionality: The ZS-AFC30 integrates multiple functions into a single compact unit, eliminating the need for separate machines and reducing production line complexity. This monoblock machine seamlessly aligns bottles, fills them with paste or liquid substances, applies caps, and adjusts torque.

  2. Precise Filling: Whether you’re dealing with creams, sauces, or other liquid products, the ZS-AFC30 ensures accurate and consistent filling. Say goodbye to product wastage and uneven quantities.

  3. Rotary Filler Capper: The machine’s rotary design allows for efficient filling and capping. It combines the filling and capping processes, saving time and labor.

  4. Layered Filling Solution: The ZS-AFC30 caters to small bottle filling applications. Its layered approach ensures smooth and reliable filling, even for complex products.

  5. Customizable and Versatile: Need specific adjustments? The ZS-AFC30 offers customizable settings, allowing you to tailor it to your unique requirements.

  6. Up to 1800 Bottles Per Hour: With a high throughput rate, this machine keeps your production line humming.

  7. Bottle Unscrambler: Simplify bottle handling by using the integrated bottle unscrambler. It ensures bottles are correctly oriented for filling.

  8. Vibratory Bowl Feeder: Efficiently feeds bottles into the filling station, maintaining a steady flow.

  9. Servo Motor Driven Screwing Head: Precise capping is crucial. The servo motor ensures consistent torque application for secure caps.

  10. Star Wheel Turntable: The turntable facilitates bottle movement, ensuring smooth transitions between filling, capping, and torque adjustment.

  11. Piston Pump Technology: The ZS-AFC30 utilizes piston pumps for accurate volume control during filling.

  12. Servo-Motor Capping: The capping process is automated, reducing manual labor and ensuring uniform cap application.

  13. Peristaltic Pump: For liquid filling, the peristaltic pump delivers precise volumes without contamination.


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