ZS-XG6100 Desktop Dropper Screw Plastic Glass Bottle Cap Capping Machine

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尺寸: 110v
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Voltage     220V/50Hz 110V/60Hz
Power         120W
Operation   Auto / Manual
Work speed  20-60times/mins
Dimensions  360 * 380 * 450 (mm)
Weight      30kg

Product information
Electrical control movement, stability;
a positioning device, capping standard, easy to operate;
lock cover a wide range of different lockable
Resolved nozzle, pump head, spray pumps, hand button gun Capping difficult problem;
capping speed adjustable,Tightness can be adjusted according to different caps.
Work speed 20-60 times/mins (11 grade stepless speed regulation)
For a variety of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical industry nozzle / pump head /
spray pump / hand gun caps lock button cover machiner

Warranty: One year, except for wearing parts
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