ZONEPACK Hot Foil Stamping Machine Embossing Logo Trademark Manual Bronzing Machine For Finshed Leather Shoes Heat Cold Pressing

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Size: 3*4cm no screw hole
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Designed for stamping logo or trademark on finished shoes.The stamping area will be suitable for the shoes and it will not like other stamping machine with large stamping plate.The smaller stamping area makes the position more correct and can create more beautiful patterns on finished shoes.It will help you reduce the error rate if you work on stamping finish shoes.




Principle: Leverage principle
Material: Steel, Aluminum
Up and down trip: 16CM
Voltage: 220V/110V
Power: 300-500W
Pressure range: 15-38kgf
Packing size: 42.5*28*22 CM
Temperature range: 0-350°C
Net weight: 6 kg
Stamping Area:3x4cm / 3x5cm

The 3x4cm stamping machine is without screw hole for attaching mold,so you need to buy the high temperature adhesive.The 3x5cm is with screw hole for attaching molds.



Our machine positioning plate is free gift, we have 2 colors (orange or black) for random delivery.