LT-60 Semi Automatic Flat Bottle Square Bottle Labeling Machine

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Size: LT60
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•Suitable for labeling all objects with flat surface
•Composed by main body, sending paper, receiving paper, bottle orientation etc parts.
•Putting the bottle to orientation part by manual and fix the bottle; pressing the off-on switch;
•all metal are made of 304 stainless steel with surface finishing and special treatment, which we can guarantee you very good quality
•small size labeling machine, very easy to operate
•the machine without vacuum pump, now the machine are use "Vacuum Generators" in it
Label width/Length:10-140mm/10-100mm
Labeling speed:20-40pcs/min
Outside diameter of label roll(max):Φ300mm
Inside diameter of label roll:Φ75mm
Accuracy of labeling:±0.5mm
Machine Size:680*380*530mm
Machine weight:30kg

1.These two machine are designed for labeling on Flat surface,LT-60 can not be used with transparent label,but LT-60T can be used with it,please choose the right machine.

2.We also have the labeling machine which are designed for labeling on round bottle.

3.Some labeling can also print the date,if you need it,click LT-60D

4.LT-60T mean use for transparent label.

Note:standard machine delivery in 220V and china plug, if need 110V or other request,PLS contact to us.
the VACUUM PUMP need you buy in your local market, the package without it.