ZONEPACK Manual Stainless Steel Corkers Wine Corking Machine Capping Tool Brewed Wine Bottle Cork Press Inserting Machine

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Cork diameter: From 20 to 24 mm

Cork length: 30 to 44 mm

Material: Stainless Steel

Weight:  About 5kg

Suitable bottle type: 375g and 750g of wine bottle

Suitable bottle height: 255 ~ 330 mm

Production efficiency: More than 300 bottles per hour


Operation Steps: 

1 Put the cork into the guide sleeve, make sure the direction of the guide sleeve is right.

2 Put the guide sleeve on the top of the bottle.
3 Put the bottle under the corker.
4 Put down the handle of the corker and make the pressure head is right to the guide sleeve.
5 Press the handle and press the cork into the bottle.
6 Remove the guide sleeve and check if the cork pressed into the bottle.

Package Included:   
1 x Red Wine Corker    (not include corks)   
Guide Sleeves