ZONESUN XQD-19 Pneumatic Strapping Tool, PP and PET , Strapping Machine 1/2Inch to 3/4Inch (13-19mm)

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样式: XQD-19
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ZONESUN Pneumatic Strapping Tool, Handheld Package Packing Machine, for PP and PET Portable, Strapping Machine 1/2Inch to 3/4Inch (13-19mm)



  1. This strapping tool has large tightening force, with the special structure design, easy steel, aluminum, heavy-duty packaging tighten and packaging.
  2. Machine durability, all of the body and components are made of high strength alloy materials, high-reliability design, advanced manufacturing technology.
  3. This Pneumatic Strapping Tool is widely used for paper, aluminum, wood, wooden packaging, chemical fiber, cotton, tobacco, chemicals, metal product industries.
  4. ZONEPACK one year warranty . if u meet any problem . please contact with us .such as how to use it.

Steps of using
1.Bundle the article with packaging belt, hold the lapped part with left hand ,leave about 300mm tail ,pull the remaining part out with right hand.
2.Hold handle and tighter with right hand, insert both upper and lower parts of the packaging belt into the packaging machine
3.Press the tightening button (right side) with the thumb of right hand til the packaging belt is tight fully
4.Press the fusion button (red) with the thumb of right hand till the packaging belt is fused and cut off.
5.Press handle and tightener tightly with right hand. Press the rewinding button with the little finger of right hand till the belt is released from the take-up pulley .Press handle and tightener tightly , remove the tool from the packaging belt.




Air pressure:


Strap material

Polyester/PP/PET Strap

Strap width


Strap thickness



smaller than 3500N


Fricton Weld

Adjust range welding time


Tool weight


Packed weight



1 easy to use, light weight and heavy machine, pneumatic power design
2 without fasteners, using friction heat welding, the interface beautiful and reliable
3 high degree of automation, taut, strong weld line shell control
4 large tightening force, the special structure design, easy to implement, such as steel, aluminum, heavy tighten       packing material and packing
5 The machine durability, all the body and components are made of high strength alloy material, high reliability design, advanced manufacturing technology
6 patented design, the use of safe, avoid fatigue design


1. 3 month guarantee to the easy worn out parts (we would send you video to show you how to repair and send you free parts with freight forward)

2. 1 year guarantee to the whole machine

Various specs of our PET strap








​Breaking strength










































































































​Note: The above is for reference. Other specification is available.


Unlike alternative strapping products, our polyester combines the strength of steel strapping with the safety and economy of plastic to maximize performance. The result is a more secure load at a lower cost than many alternatives.

Advantages of Polyester Strap over alternative products are:

1.Split Resistance :

A small nick or cut will not propagate across the width of the strap.

2.High Tension :

Our Polyester has a higher retained tension and impact reserve.

3.Environmentally Green :

Our Polyester is easy to recycle and nearly impervious to weather conditions.

4.Safety :

PET doesn't have sharp edges, reduces personal injury risk during handling, PET rolls weigh 1/2 that of steel (minimising manual handling risks).

5.Weather Resistant :

PET doesn't rust - no corrosion staining of strapped products!. It is virtually unaffected by weather conditions and is naturally UV resistant.

6. Recyclable :

PET can be recycled!