ZONEPACK Check weigher

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Technical Description

EW-220 check weigher IS specifically designed for high demand of weight accuracy, stability and intelligent operation. On bases of core invention patents and patented self-adaptable algorithm, plus with combination of the world’s famous component units, integrated circuits and high precision CNC structural frame, EW-220 check weighers contribute the leading weight inspection performance in the industry.


Reputed Components

  1. Germany HBM fast loadcell
  2. Danish Danfoss frequencyconverter
  3. 7” touch screendisplay
  4. High precision structural components byCNC
  5. The stainless steel 304frame


Advanced Technology

  1. Germany high-speed Load Cell with fast weighing
  2. FPGA hardware filter with intelligent algorithms, excellent processing speed
  3. Intelligentself-learning technology, automatic weighing parameter settings, simple to set up.
  4. Ultra-fastdynamic weight tracking and automatic compensation technology  Improve the detection of stability.
  5. Based on the full touch screen friendly user interface, easy to





  1. With product presets, easy to edit andswitching
  2. With high capacity weighing logging feature, able to trace and output data interface
  3. CNC machining of structural components, excellent dynamicstability 9 .304 stainless steel frame, strong and