ZONESUN 10 Heads Perfume Vial Oral Liquid Filling Machine Electric Digital Control Pump Filler 50ml Small Bottle Filling Machine

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1. Ten nozzles can work separately or at the same time, through adjusting the speed.

2. Anti-dripping design with 10 nozzles and can fill 100 bottles quickly, improve the work efficiency.

3. Automatic counting function, effectively control filling quantity

5. Digital tube display, touch screen is very easy to operate

6. This machine uses a peristaltic pump, and the liquid does not pass through the body, which is easy to clean and increases the service life of the machine.

7. The pump can stand for PH value within 5-8

8. It’s suitable for all kinds of oral liquids, sprays, perfumes, solution reagents,product trials etc.




1. The voltage of this machine is 110V, but we can customize 220V.

2. If you want to customize or know more about the filling machine, please contact us.