ZONEPACK ZS-DTMP4D 4 Nozzles Magnetic Pump Automatic Desktop Liquid Water Filler with Conveyor Alcohol Ethanol Perfume Filling Machine

Regular price $3,280.00


Power supply

110v/220v 50-60HZ

Filling volume

3-1000ml (220v), 3-500ml (110v)

Max flow velocity

5500ml/min( each nozzle and base on water)

Working speed

1500-3000 bottle/hour ( depends on bottle size and liquid)

Air pressure


Filling accuracy

≤±1%(for water )

Diameter of filling nozzle


Packing size


Machine weight

About 53kg

1. With lifting bracket, good for filling foamy liquid (not good for beer).
2. 4-head with automatic line, can improve your working efficiency.
3. Stainless steel magnetic pump is more corrosion-resistant and acid-base resistant
4. Can control each heads separately to meet your needs.
Suitable for  various corrosive,low viscosity and non-particulate liquids, such as: various chemicals (medicine oil, medicinal liquor, alcohol, eye drops, syrup), chemicals (solvent, acetone), oil (edible oil, essential oil) ), cosmetics (toner, makeup remover, spray), food (100 degree high temperature, such as milk, soy milk), beverage (juice, fruit wine), seasoning (soy sauce vinegar) and other non-particulate liquid and low foam liquid ( Care solution, detergent).