ZONEPACK ZS-DTPP4D / ZS-DTPP4C Automatic 4 Heads Liquid E Juice Lotion Peristaltic Pump Filling Machine Cosmetic Bottle Filler with Chain Conveyor

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样式: Regular Nozzle
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Machine model

ZS-DTPP4C(Regular Nozzle) / ZS-DTPP4D(Diving Nozzle)

Power supply

AC110V/220V 50Hz-60Hz 60W(Each Pump)

Filling range


Maximum flow

2400ml/min for each nozzle (based on water )

Filling nozzles

4(we can customize the nozzles based on your demands)

Working speed

30-50 bottles/min(based on bottles and liquids)

Air pressure


Filling accuracy

≤±1% (For water)

Diameter of filling nozzle


Delay range


Belt length


Size of air compressor connector



Description ​

This automatic filling machine is suitable for liquid that is without particles, such as essential oil, juice, perfume, etc. The four filling nozzles can be controlled separately. With chain conveyor, it can transport heavy products stably, which the belt conveyor doesn't have. The machine can be widely used in cosmetic, daily chemical, catering, pharmaceutical industries. ​


This machine can work with tabletop automatic capping machine and labeling machine, realizing automated production. If you need, please contact us. Thank you!

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