ZONEPACK GFK-160 Digital Control Pump Drink Water Alcohol Liquid Glass Spray Wine Juice Bottle Filling Machine 5-3500ml Filler

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1.This numerical control liquid filling machine is compact and portable. The casing uses stainless steel so it is durable and easy to clean. The machine has a self-prime pump that can suck in the liquid from your container and then output via the nozzle. It can be used to fill many different types of clear thin liquid,including water, olive oil, fuel, drinks, vinegar, milk etc.

2.Liquid suitable: low viscous liquid like water, wine, solutions etc. Liquid unsuitable: very thick liquid (sauce,detergent etc), or liquid containing small particles.





Voltage Power

AC 220V,110V 50/60Hz 40W

Filling Range


Max Flow Rate

3.1L/min (water)

Diameter of Filling Nozzle


Max Suck Distance


Repeat Error


Anti-dripping Function


Memory Function Without Electricity


Suitable Soft Tube

17#(interior diameter: 6.4mm, thickness: 1.6mm)

Packing Size


Gross Weight


Note: Different liquid needs to choose different material of tube. The tube provided by us is silicone tube.

  • Automatic counting function, effectively control filling quantity.
  • Import single-chip microcomputer control, high efficiency, low power consumption.
  • LCD display, touch screen is very easy to operate.
  • High filling accuracy and precise volume.
  • Working performance is stable and can be used for long time.
  • Self-suck function, don\'t need to pour.
  • The pump can stand acid and alkali.
  • Anti-dripping design.
  • Reasonable design, made of stainless steel, meet GMP requirement.



1. Different liquid needs to choose different material of tube. The tube provided by us is silicone tube.

2. To make sure you received the machine can work, we will test all of our filling machine before shipment, so it is normal that the machine with some water in the tube.

3. This machine is in stock, we will ship the machine within 2 days after received your order, and the price on the link is including shipping cost (Remote areas and countries please contact our email for confirmation: It usually takes about 7 days to arrive.