ZONEPACK Glass Metal Steel Plastic PVC Carton Batch Number Logo Mark Can Date Coding Inkjet Printer Digital Code Printing Machine

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Power : 220V-240VAC, 50HZ/60HZ, 120W

Weight: 19KG
Machine size:365x275x530mm
Character height: 2- 18mm
Linear speed: single line printing speed up to 280 meters per minute
Printing distance: best printing distance: within 200mm, range: 5-50mm
Character lattice
The display screen:320x240Black background white light 5.7“LCD display

Printing materials: Automobile part, beverages, cosmetics, electronic component, foods, pharmaceuticals, building material, eggs, pipes & tubes, cables & wires etc.
Printing distance: The nozzle and material are kept within 3CM
Printed content: date, time, batch number serial number



Continuous, round-trip printing function

Automatic cleaning nozzle on/off machine

English and Chinese operation interface selection

Automatic meter

Supports field data transmission

34 dot matrix, up to 5 lines of printing


Computer drawing, USB copy



New Design

1. Unique ink pipeline design ensures the stability of the machine

2. Advanced nozzle adjustment technology makes the machine easier to maintain

3. Modular overall design, more stable, more consumable

4. Fully enclosed high voltage package design, can use all kinds of harsh ecological environment

5. High integration, low power consumption, greatly improve the reliability of the circuit

6. Real-time multiple detection of consumables allowance, can accurately prompt customers to replace consumables

Stable and reliable, perfect function

Fully enclosed modular system and nozzle design, low failure rate, easy maintenance

Use spot check cartridge design, realize fast and simple add consumables

One-button irrigation, one-button start and one-button printing make the operation simple and fast

Chinese and English Operation Interface

Variable data, variable bar code and two-dimensional code printing