ZONESUN NEW Digital Automatic Label Rewinder Rewinding Machine

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Voltage: 220V
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NEW Digital Automatic Label Rewinder Clothing tags barcode Stickers rewinding machine volume label FOR Supermarket



  • Model:Automatic Label Rewinder

  • Available Width:5mm-130mm

  • Structural material:aluminium alloy

  • Voltage:110V/60HZ    220V/50HZ

  • weight:4kg

  • ID of Roll: 25.4-26.5mm&40-41mm&75mm

  • Rewinding Speed:1-10m/min  Can Adjust Speed



Is widely used in biology, medicine, cosmetic, food, chemicals, clothing, printing, supermarkets and other industries, is for the non-drying label, ribbon and other soft strip winding function object. For example, the connection to the printer to print out the non-drying label automatic winding.