ZONEPACK Automatic Liquid Filling Machine Perfume Essential Oil Ink Soya Milk Peristaltic Pump with 600mm Conveyor

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Digital Control Panel]Through control panel, you can set parameters like filling speed and filling time. Easy to operate. The panel is with inching button, which is good for testing machine.

​ ​[Peristaltic Pump]With peristaltic pump, the liquid won't pass through the pump, ensuring its cleanliness. And it is easy to change hose when you want to fill different liquid.

​ ​[Intelligent Electric Eye]It's designed for detecting bottles and control the machine to work, intelligent and efficient. The sensitivity of electric eye can be adjusted as needed.

​ ​[Waterproof Conveyor Belt]The conveyor belt is with waterproof function, which can ensure production cleanliness.


This machine is suitable for fillinglow-viscosityliquid, such as eye drops, perfume, juice, water, etc. The machine is in small size and can work automatically, greatly improving work efficiency. It can be widely used in medicine, cosmetic, drink industries.

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