ZONESUN TB-YL50D Semi Automatic Labeling Machine Label Applicator Medicine Round Bottle Date Code Printer Self Adhesive Labeler

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1.The printing area can be changed by adjusting the date printer position,that means you can print the date on top left or right corner or any position of the label.

2.With temperature control box,can print number or date clearly and adjust temperature easily.Easy to operate.

3.With electric eye,can position accurately,improve labeling accuracy.

4.With larger power motor,works stably and safely 

5.Stainless steel machine body,high quality roller,these all make the machine works better and can imporve working efficiency.


Product parameters
Product model: TB-YL50D
Рrоduсt dіаmеtеr: Diameter 20-130mm
Input power: 220V/110V
Labeling speed: 20- 40 times/min
Minimum label size: W30xL30mm
Maximum label size: W130xL300mm
Label roll inner diameter: 76mm
Label roll outer diameter: 200mm



1.This machine are designed for labeling on curved surface,and can not be used with transparent label, if you need the machine works for transparent label,please choose the LT-50DT.

2.We also have the labeling machine which are designed for labeling on flat surface,click here to buy

3.We also have the labeling machine without date printer,if you need it,you can click here