ZONESUN ZS-CSPM2 Automatic Paper Carton Box Packaging Production Line

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The production line can realize fully automatic form cartons or boxes, place products into shipping or storage cases from the top, and seal cartons. Usually used for the subsequent packaging production processes after product filling, capping and labeling.


paper carton packaging machine


working process of paper carton packaging machine


carton erecting machine


Top loading case packer


carton sealing machine


ZONESUN ZS-CSPM2 Automatic Paper Carton Box Packaging Production Line


control panel of carton packaging machine

Simple control panel makes working data visual, this is more convenient to debug the machine.With emergency stop button, this can ensure the operator safety.

carton erecting machine of carton packaging system
The carton holder can be adjusted according to carton size and it is used to fixing paper carton, makes the packaging work can be processed smoothly.
air nozzle of carton erecting machine
These 4 suction nozzles can open the carton for the next folding work after connecting to the air compressor,saves working labor.
Gripper of top load case packer

The grippers are designed for picking up bottles and packing them into cases. Quantity of grippers can be customized. It can also be customized into suction cups, which are suitable for jars with flat caps.

taping structure of carton sealing machine
The forming structure can be used to finish the left folding work of paper carton, with this,the machine realize the automated production.
automatic carton packaging system