ZONESUN ZS-ECM1 Automatic Small Chocolate Energy Bar Extruder Cutter Protein Nut Bar Forming Making Cutting Machine

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Voltage: 110V
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Specialized piece of equipment used in the production of energy bars, protein bars, granola bars, and other similar products. this energy bar making machine plays a crucial role in shaping, extruding, and cutting the mixture into uniform sizes and shapes. It is good for making chocolate bar, protein nuts bar.


  • Machine model:ZS-ECM1
  • Machine power:110/220V 400W
  • Dough size:5-500g(Customized)
  • Working speed:50-200 pieces/min
  • Machine size:About 1600*450*960mm
  • Machine weight:About 80kg
  • Packing size:About 1240*530*1330mm
  • Package weight:About 114kg


application of energy bar extruder


energy bar extruder



control panel of energy bar extruder

Simple control buttons will be more robust and durable.They are  typically easier to understand and use, especially for simple operations.This is good for the operator who has no experience.


extruding structure of energy bar making machine

This machine can extrude product in sheets, rows, through dies or over long distances with ease, even highly-viscous materials.Easily interchangeable dies and tooling saves working labor


extruding structure of energy bar extruder

Controlled by powerful air cylinder, it ensures dough can be cut smoothly and faster.It has high working accuracy, and can improve working efficiency.The cutting length can be adjusted as needed.


conveyor of energy bar extruder

Equipped with conveyor, it can transport finished product to next production process in time,makes machine operation be more orderly.


energy bar extruding machine