ZONESUN ZS-TB831ST Automatic Three Sides Labeling Machine

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Voltage: 110V
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This automatic labeling machine is customized for labeling stickers on three sides of small boxes.It has high labeling accuracy and really good for packaging chewing gum, electronics,pocket perfume.


  • Machine Model:ZS-TB831ST 
  • Power Supply:110/220V 50-60HZ
  • Working Speed:15-20 bottles/min
  • Labeling Accuracy:土1mm
  • Suitable Labeling Object:40-400mm(L)*40-200mm(W)* 0.5-150mm(H)
  • Suitable Label Size:6-300mm(L)*15- 130mm(W)
  • Label Roll OD:φ300mm
  • Label Roll ID:Ø 76mm
  • Machine Size:About 1920*830*1350mm(L *W*H)
  • Machine Weight:About 188.5kg
  • Package Size:About 1700*870*1620mm(L *W*H)
  • Package Weight:About 380kg


three sides labeling machine


application of three sides labeling machine


automatic three sides labeling machine



control panel of three sides labeling machine

Equipped with touch screen control panel, this makes working data like labeling speed, labeling time can be adjusted more intuitively. The operation language can be customized according to operation need.


label sensor of three sides labeling machine

According to the light transmittance, the label sensor can correctly identify the labels and separate labels automatically, it improves labeling accuracy.


labeling structure of three sides labeling machine

The working height and position of top side labeling structure can be adjusted according to labeling objects.The brush can ensure there is no bubble under stickers.

electric eye of three sides labeling machine-2

Customized labeling structure can ensure the stickers can be labeled accurately, the electric eye can detect passing by labeling objects and control the machine to work automatically.

conveyor of three sides labeling machine

The width of guard rail can be adjusted according to labeling object size, this can ensures labeling object can be conveyed accurately and improves labeling accuracy.The width of conveyor can be customized as production need.

automated three sides labeling machine