ZONEPACK 0-50ml Small Automatic CNC Liquid Filling Machine 220V Perfume Weighing Filling Machine Oral Liquid Solution Filler

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Product Description

CSY-M90 automatic frequency conversion micro-filling machine uses high-precision peristaltic pump to work with frequency converter. When it start to fill, the pump will fills at the maximum flow rate at first,  ensuring fast and efficient filling. When the filling volume is about to reach the set weight, the  frequency regulator automatically slows down the pump flow rate, and when the filling amount reaches the set weight, the pump will stop to work to ensure the accuracy of filling.

Voltage:AC 110-220V
Pump:Peristaltic Pump
Working Speed:Not Adjustable
Power: 15W
Filling Range: 0-50ml
Max Flow Rate: 90mL/min
Package Size: 18x18x12cm
Weight: 4.5kgs
Suitable Bottle Height: 0-15cm(Adjustable)
Anti-dripping Function Available
Memory Function out of power Available
This machine is suitable for filling oral liquid,potion,perfume,essential oil,product sample etc.