ZONESUN ZS-F999 10-999g Automatic Grain Powder Filling Back Sealing Machine

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This fully automatic large-capacity packaging machine is made of stainless steel fuselage material and adopts intelligent control panel. Simple and stable operation, fast and accurate, good quality, suitable for food, medicine, seeds, tea, grain shape chemicals and pharmaceuticals and other industries.


Main Parameter

Voltage: 220V/50Hz  110V/60Hz

Power: 650W

Packing speed: 10-15 packs/min (depending on the product)

Weighing range: 10-999g (Adjustable)

Width of membrane(max):48cm

Bag size(max) : 23(w)x38(h)cm

Packaging type: Back seal packaging

Error range: About 2g (depending on the product)

Exterior size: 50cmL*65cmW*195cmH

Machine Weight: 120kg



This back sealing machine suitable for granules, powder, pills, seeds, Chinese wolfberry, melon seeds, dog food, coffee beans, oatmeal, raisins, tea, dried fruits, pine nuts, walnut kernels, condiments, fertilizers, butterfly noodles, electronics, small hardware, etc.



1. Stainless steel discharge aisle to ensure the hygiene materials clean.

2. Back sealing design, beautiful and generous packaging, improve packaging quality.

3. With cursor positioner , accurate bag cutting.

4. Strong vibration, no matter particle or powder can be uniformly unloading, no stuffing and no plugging.



1. This one not good for tea. If you want pack tea , please contact with us.

2.We can custom other size package bag for you, please contact with us.