ZONEPACK 110V-220V 10-3000ml Semi Automatic Beverage Mineral Water Milk Drinks Alcohol Bottle Filler Liquid Weight Gravity Gear Pump Perfume Weighing Packing Filling Machine

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Advantage of Diaphragm Pump
1. No need to oil seal, no oil inside, no pollution when fill liquid.
2 The pump chamber is separated from the motor. The liquid will not permeate into the motor when you use it for a long time,which greatly prolongs the life of the pump.
3. Sealing well, fast self-priming and stable, no need to manually add water.
Voltage:AC 110-220V
Pump:Diaphragm Pump
Working Speed: Adjustable
Filling Range:10-3000ml
Max Flow Rate:≤3.5L/min
Package Size:18x18x12cm
Suitable Bottle Height:0-15cm(Adjustable)
Anti-dripping Funtion Available
Memory Function out of power Available
It is a little noisy during operation.And when the diaphragm pull or push,it will  stir it is not suitable for filling  foam liquid. It is good for medium or low viscosity liquid and not strong corrosion, non-strong acid or alkali, and no solid particles,such as disinfectant, edible oil, food, cosmetics, etc.