ZONEPACK 39-150mm Canned Food Beer Plastic Seamer Tinplate Can Sealing Machine Ring-pull Can Circular Capsuling Capping Machine

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ZONEPACK 39-150mm Canned food beer plastic Seamer Tinplate can sealing machine ring-pull can circular capsuling capping machine


This machine can be used to cap many kinds of cans which are made in paper,tinplate,PET plastic,glass.Such as ring-pull can,fruit can,canned beer,canned drinks.It can work automatically with lighting equipment,really easy to operate and it is also in light weight.This new machine can seal tightly,improve the efficiency greatly,reduce the labor intensity and   inferior-quality products.It is an ideal products for food and beverage industries.



Voltage:220V 50HZ or 110V 60HZ

Power:0.37 kw

Cans height:39-200mm(can customize bigger size)

Cans diameter:45-110mm(can customize bigger size)

Capacity:10-20 bottles/min

Machine size:600*320*770 mm

Packing Size:490*420*800 mm

Net weight:60 kg

Suitable can diameter:39-150mm(Send us your size once you place your order)

Suitable can height:39-200mm(Send us your size once you place your order)


According to the point switch slowly adjust, lifting screw, adjust to the pot height required.Can sealing should pass the first roller and the two way roll to roll shall be complete, adjust the position of the roller wheel can sealing are available on the desired location.


1). Start the motor, cover the lid will be packed material.
2). Put the pot on the lower die can sealing machine, and put the jar the centralizer.
3). Confirm the jar placement is correct, lid after good and correct some stepping on foot switch can sealing.
4). Stop Press the power button
The sealing mold will be included if you place an order,you need to send us size of your can so that we will send you the suitable mold,if you need more molds,please contact with us.