ZONEPACK 6 Heads Self-priming Beverage Bag Liquid Filling Machine Digital Control Compact Precise Numerical Filling Machine

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1. Six nozzles can work separately or at the same time, through adjusting the speed.

2. Filling nozzles are movable and can fill 12 bags of drinks quickly, improve the work efficiency.

3. Automatic counting function, effectively control filling quantity

4. Digital tube display, touch screen is very easy to operate

5. Working performance is stable and can be used for long time

6. The machine adopts the diaphragm pump, which is stable in operation and fast in filling.It is not suitable for liquids with foam.

7. Reasonable design, made of stainless steel, meets GMP requirement

8. It's widely used for the beverage industry and the catering industry, such as fruit juice, milk, soybean milk, coffee and water. It is particularly suitable for Self-priming Beverage Bag.



1.This machine cannot be used for drinks with coconut and viscous liquids.

2.The size of the card slot is 13mm. If you want to customize, please contact us.