A333 Steel Strapping Steel Straps Banding Sealless Mental Strapping Bander 1/2‘’ to 3/4‘’

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A333 Manual Sealless Combination Tool for Steel Strapping
This light weight sealless combination tool is designed of strong construction for durability, non buckle design for saving cost, double power structure for high connection reliability to cut and seal strapping trap flat packages like pallets, bales, crates, cases and other packages.
This manual tensioner comes with high connection reliability, no fasteners, double power structure, can easily complete the fastening between the steel packing belts.
ZONEPACK one year warranty . if you meet any problem, please contact with us,such as how to use it, thank you!

1. Steel Strapping Width:12.7-19mm(1/2"-3/4")
2. Steel Strapping Thickness:0.38-0.7mm
3. Average seal strength:Approx.80%
4. Weights: 3.9 kg / 8.6 lbs. Normal version
5. Default For Banding 3/4" steel Straps
6. strapping type: Box, Pipe, Cans, Barrels
7. Tensile strengths ranging: 700-850N/mm²/100,000-123,000psi

Package Content
1 x A333 Steel Strapping Tool
1x Accessories

Steps of Using
1. The rocker is raised with the right hand. The left hand inserts the two straps lying precisely upon another into the tool until they hit strap stops .The lower strap end must slightly protrude the end of the base plate. Be certain that the strapping is held by the strap guide.
2. The tool is held tightly with left hand being placed on the sealing lever.The tensioning handle is now moved forward and backward with the right hand until the desired tension is attained.
3. The seading lever is moved forward using the left hand until it hits the stop.The lever
is then moved back to its initial position.When sealing ,the right hand absorbs the sealing force by holding the tensioning handle.
4. Hold the cut off strap end with the left hand, lift the rocker with the right hand and push the tool from the applied strap to the right

When use the machine, please wear protection gloves and glasses.