ZONEPACK Automatic Ink Pad Printing Machine Electric Production Date Coding Machine Plastic Milk Carton Bottle Glass Pad Priter

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Product name: Electric Ink Printer
Model number:Y70
Voltage: 220V/110V 50-60HZ
Maximum printing area: 85x175mm
Print times: 2000 times/hour
Size: 40x30x47cm
Weight: about 21kg
1.Print well and good for bottle,milk carton,box and cans etc.
2. Simple operation panel:easy to operate
3.Upgrade ink cup:work stably and durable
4.Larger motor and workbench :100W motor and 180x140mm workbench,good for printing larger material 
5.With fan:good for  dissipating heat.
6.Good adhesion to printing surface.
7.Good liquidity.
8.When the diluent evaporates with the ink, it can deliver its viscosity.
9.Quick drying and will not affect viscosity.
Widely used for printing production date,brand,and logo.Can be used on plastic,metal and glass.Even the uneven surface is also ok.
1. We can custom printing plate.If you need it,please send us the design and the size.Thanks.
2. Because of transportation reason, we cannot deliver ink. So the machine does not contain ink. Please buy ink locally.