ZONEPACK Automatic Paste Chili Oil Sauce Oil Vinegar Water Sealing Quantitative Liquid Packaging Machine Filling Machine

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Name : automatic filling machine
Model : MG 650
Voltage : 220v/50HZ or 110V160HZ
Power : 450w
Speed : 15 25bag/min
Capacity : 360ml
Deviation : 0.5ml
Packing tag : three side sealing
Appilication:  Paste Sauce like honey ketchup soy sauce etc


1. the three-side sealing design,the machine will seal the product from left and right.Perfect sealing and looks well.
2. Using vertical mixing design, the stirring speed can be adjusted freely, effectively preventing the sediment of liquid sauce materials, and is more suitable for packing mixing sauce, liquid, paste,honey etc.
3.Precision machine components, high precision grinding. For reducing the wear of the shaft wheel, each component is polished, and every detail is a quality endorsement.
4.With cursor:the length of the color bag can be automatically positioned to achieve accuratecutting, which makes the packaging more beautiful and enhances the brand image.
5.With  Printer:It can print LOGO, date of production, improve brand image, and make packaging more beautiful.