ZONEPACK BY-300 Peanut Chocolate Sugar Coating Machine Stainless Steel Candy Coater Machine

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This machine is used for pharmaceutical, food industry for tablets, pills wrapped sugar, can also be used as a rolling Chaodou, with mature fruits. The utility model is characterized in that the tilt angle of the sugar coated pot can be adjusted, and the direct heating equipment such as electric stove and gas can be rotated under the pot. With the separate electric heating type blower, the air outlet pipe can be heated or blown in the pot.
1.This coating pot is made of stainless steel, meet the GMP standard.
2.Transmission steady, performance reliable.
3.Convenient to wash and maintain.
4.High thermal efficiency.
This machine can be equipped with frequency conversion regulator; or a dust removal system;or fully enclosed and equipped with a spray gun system to meet GMP requirements
Sugar coating machine can only be used to coat pills, candies, chocolates, etc. It is widely used in the food industry and pharmaceutical industry, and is one of the preferred equipment for candy manufacturers