ZONEPACK Chili Soy Oyster Sauce Tabasco Quantitative Filler Machine Pneumatic Slurry Mixing Filling Machine ZS-GTU1

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Size: 5-100ml
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Paste Filling machine 60L Food Filling machine Air pump 
Note:The machine not include Air pump power ,should buy it independent
Power:Air pump(not come with machine)
Voltage power:0.26KW
Production:10-30 bottles/min

The structure of this filling machine is more simple and more reasonable, high precision, the operating is simple and convenient. It can be used to pharmaceutical, chemical,food, pesticides and other special industries, it is the most ideal filling equipment for the paste or viscous fluid.

Characteristics of the Machine 
1.This machine is semi-automatic piston type filling machine, use of horizontal spiral mixer, fully mix the sauce evenly, make the filling more accurate.
2.The machine design is more reasonable with compact model, save the place.
3.Easy to operate, pneumatic parts adopt Taiwan AirTac pneumatic components.
4.Filling valve controlled by electromagnetic valve, with higher filling accuracy.
5.Filling volume an filling speed can be adjusted.
6.Use special steering valve, make stronger material filling.
7.Material touching parts using 304 stainless steel, if needed, we can also customized 316 stainless steel for you.
8.The machine can be customized as fully pneumatic , no powder and explosion-proof.
9.Filling nozzle can be seal in the bottom to prevent dripping, also it can lift to filling and the diameter can be replaced.
10.The hopper can be customized as double full sealed heat preservation.

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