ZONEPACK WT-90XTS Custom Letter Hot Stamping Machine With Infrared Locator For Paper Leather Plastic Wood Heat Embossing Machine

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1. The machine is equipped with an Infrared Locator, which is good for locating stamping materials.
2. The machine also has workbench with detailed scale and two clips, making stamping process more accurate.
3. The workbench is removable, easy to fix materials and more convenient.
4. The machine is with a clamp, which is used to install letters.
5. With a stamp holder, which can help to change the letter slot quickly when working, preventing from being scaled. Safe and reliable.
6. The temperature is adjustable according to real situation.

Machine Model:WT-90XTS
Temperature range:50-350℃
Machine weight:13.5kg
Machine dimension:33*22*42cm
Suitable Material:Leather,wood,paper, plastic,etc

The desktop stamping machine is used for foil stamping on leather, plastic, paper, etc. It can also be used to burn logo on wood,leather like handbag,wallet,coin purse,key ring. With an Infrared Locator, this machine makes the stamping position more accurate, helping to create products of great quality. It will help you reduce the error rate.

Only buy the machine doesn't contain letters, the other three options contain letters,if you don't want to buy one set letter, just tell us how many pcs you want to buy,and which letter you need,we will give you quotation ASAP, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!