ZONEPACK Food Coffee Bean Grain Automatic Weighing Packaging Machine Powder Bag Three Side Seal Filling Machine With Date Printer

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1.Three-side sealing / Two-way temperature control:the three-side sealing design,the machine will seal the product from left and right.Two-way  temperature control, the temperature for sealing top and bottom side can be set separately. Perfect sealing and looks well.
2.Made of stainless:the places where the materials pass through are made of stainless steel ,which ensure the material clean, and meet  the requirement of food processors
3.Vibrator:the machine adopts the principle of magnetic vibration, and the vibration intensity is strong. Both the grain and the powder are filled easily and perfectly,and will not get jammed.
4.Intelligent control panel:the machine adopts an independent temperature control panel, the temperature for sealing top and bottom side can be set separately, it is with high heating rate and works well
5.Bag former:the stainless steel arc design is sleek, which makes the package molding accurate and the effect is better
1.The appearance is clean and clear, high-end, suitable for factories, shops, etc. It does not require manual packaging and is highly efficient. The machine uses a back seal design and uses a heating wire to cut the bag.
2.The machine is a fully automatic packaging machine which is compose of two machines. You can use top packing machine to pack and weigh other items, or you can use the bottom sealing machine separately. This is the biggest advantages of this machine, it can also be used as fully automatic or as a semi-automatic.
3.If you choose a machine with date printer,you can print logo,trademark,date on your package.
Product model: ZS-200
Working voltage: 200V/50HZ 100V/60HZ
Rated power. 360w
Packing speed: 15-25 packs / minute (depending on the product)
Weighing range: 1-50g (adjustable, customizable)
Error range: about 0.1-0.2 (depending on the product)
Suitable for coil: heat sealed bag coil 
Packing category: Three-side packaging
Application: This product is suitable for granules,powders, pills, medlar, melon seeds, dog food, coffee beans,oatmeal, raisins, powder, tea, electronic hardware, etc.