ZONEPACK Free Shipping Energy Saving Black Hot Printing Ink Roll for MY-380F, Good Quality Hot Ink Roll, Black Hot Print Rolls 12 Roll

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Ink roll has two tpye

mid ink roll (Mid temperature): use to temperature between 90-130 degree
hot ink roll (High temperature): use to temperature between 125-160 degree
Must be used the temperature within the range, if you choose the wrong one, it can't be used 
36x10mm   36 rolls/box
36x16mm   24  rolls /box
36x32mm   12  rolls /box
36x35mm    12  rolls /box
36x40mm    12  rolls /box
36x45mm    12  rolls /box
36x40mm    12  rolls /box
Please leave messages to us which ink roll you need .or we fault to sent you hot ink roll.

Energy Saving Black Hot Printing Ink Roll for MY-380F Ink Coding Machine 


Hot ink roll is used on the roller coders, and it is used to print the production date and batch etc. on the plastic film and paper etc. The printing is clear and not easily scratched off. Dry fast. No solvent pollution. It can be used many times.