ZONEPACK Hand Held Electromagnetic Induction Sealer Microcomputer Bottle Sealing Machine Aluminum Foil Medical Plastic Capper

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Voltage: 220V only
bottle mouth diameter: 20-100mm
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Product Name: Induction sealing machine
Voltage: AC 220v
Power: 0.8-1.2W
Operating frequency: 30±5%
Sealing diameter: 20-100mm
Product weight: 0.8kg
Power memory function: Yes
1.Portable All-In-One machine. not like the other induction machine which's the operation panal and the sealing part are separated
2.The panel is simple to operate, plug and play, overheat protection circuit. Copper induction coil, high efficiency, low consumption 
3.All-around cooling holes provide faster ventilation and heat dissipation ,preventing from short circuits caused by motor overheating.
4.The induction plate made of pure copper coil makes the equipment operate more efficiently 
5.Micro-computer control mode, the electronic memory function, adjustable power 
The principle of electromagnetic induction heating is that the high-frequency current go through the inductor coil and create a magnetic field, when the magnetic field lines passing through the foil material, instantly generate a large number of small eddy current, so that high-speed self-heating will make the aluminum foil on the aluminum foil composite sol melt, then achieve the purpose of sealing.
Non-contact sealing machine, instantly produces heat by electromagnetic induction, aluminum foil will fused in the bottle.
This handheld induction sealing machine used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverages, cosmetics, lubricants and other industries plastic glass and other non-container sealing.


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