ZONEPACK Heat Sealing Package Machine Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine Plastic Packing Machine Tableware PVC Film Machine

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The machine uses infrared radiation in direct heating PVC / POP shrink film, shrink packaging perfect, in no way affect the packaging, electronic variable speed, temperature solid-state regulator, reliable, used in food, beverage, candy, supplies, hardware tools, daily necessities, such as shrink packaging chemicals mouth.
Voltage: 220V/380  50-60Hz   
Power: 7KW
Shrinkage temperature: 0-300℃
Conveyor speed: 0-10m/min
Shrink film: POF, PVC, PP
Temperature and time control
PVC  0.02-0.06MM  5-10S  110-130(Temperature)
POF  0.03-0.10MM  8-16S  130-170(Temperature)