ZONEPACK Lipstick Lip Gloss Lipgloss Heating Filling Machine Mixing Heater Tank Hot Chocolates Crayon Handmade Soap Fillier

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Model:lipstick fiing machine
Power supply:110V/220V (The 110 voltage of this machine is not heating nozzle.)
Tank volumeFilling accuracy:about 1%
The filling machine is with a small heating tank capacity of 15L/30L and it can heat and mix material .The internal compartment heating pipe makes it heated in water bath, the water temperature can be controlled, and if the temperature is  over 100 degrees  it can use thermal oil as well as the heating block put in the feed port to prevent solidification of the material. This machine is compact ahd easy to operate.
It is widely used in filling lipstick, crayons, foundation cream, Vaseline, jam, pigments which need to be heated. It is an ideal and affordable cosmetic industry for small devices.