ZONEPACK Manual Desktop Steel Stamp Seal,Company Name Seal Machine Stamping Machine,Mold Stamper,High Pressure Manual Stamper

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1. Base and handle are in steel material,very durable.
2. Mold are use engraving deep produce.
3. Special work for: paper(like office work paper, name card) thin film and aluminum sheet. 
4. Not suitable for PVC card, bank card,and something too hardness. 
How to Custom
1. You can send us image in high quality JPG /AI/PSD 
2. All mold shape in round,mold plate diameter in 40mm, so max logo size only can in 40mm,
3. If need special size should contact us check price.
4. Plate thickness about 5.6mm 

About effect (buyer must read it,very important)

Stamping effect based on bellow factor:

1. Paper thickness, hardness,and toughness,the mainly factor is the logo complexity. 
2. Steel seal is use concave and convex mold work together, the logo more complex, 
    the words too many and small,the line too many and thin,the resistance big when stamping for 
    thickness paper,the effect will be not clearly; otherwise,the logo simple,the resistance will be little, 
    stamping effect will be good.
3. The normal paper is no problem,If stamping special paper or not sure will be work fine, 
    you can send paper to us for test.not wast both time or buy the wrong products.

About customized time:
We need about 1-3 days for custom stamp after we confirm with you.