ZONEPACK ZP-50 Upgraded Version Manual Round Labeling Machine With Handle Bottle Labeler Label Applicator for Round Alcohol Disinfectant Glass Metal Bottle

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1.ZP-50 labeling machine is upgrade version of MT-30, there is a new additional pressing bar, which is better for labeling small bottle and plastic bottle,
to make sure there is no bubble under the label, because small bottle and plastic bottle is very light, it may not apply well enough during labeling. This upgraded machine can improve this problem.

2.The second advantage is that a load-bearing bar is added to the side of the machine, which can protect the machine to avoid label holder imbalance during shipping.
Of course, if your label is heavy, it can also be used to bear weight to extend the life of the machine.



It can help you remove a label from its liner or backing paper easily. This machine is widely used in manufacturing, bulk mailing, packaging, and the food and beverage industry. Manual labeling machine are useful for small jobs.


Main Parameter



Label Roll inner diameter: ≥75mm

Label Roll Out  diameter: ≤150mm

Bottle diameter:15-120mm, height ≤150mm

Label width:10-110mm

Label Length:10-300mm

Machine size:420*250*280mm

Machine weight:6kg



This machine is Suitable for round bottles like PET bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle, metal bottle, etc.Widely used in cosmetics, beverage, foodstuff, food, medical industries. Rapidly raise the production efficiency, and the label quality.