Optional Mix Up Capping Machine Portable Automatic Electric With Security Ring Bottle Capper Screwing Sealing Machine

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Size: 80w Machine
Voltage: 110v
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Hand-held electric capping machine is mainly used to the screwcap tighten and loosen.
Easy to carry, which can be easily used to tighten or loosen the cap. 
Of its adjustable clutch (readjustment) can effectively avoid the cap damage and reduce the wear and tear of the internal plug . 
A single production capacity of up to 30-90 bottles / min.
this link need to choose the machine and the Cap cover .their feature is different
1. Machine Larger Power,Better Efficiency
2.10-50mm Cap Cover for bottle cap without security ring.
3.28-32mm 38mm Cap Cover special for 28-32mm 38mm Bottle Cap for bottle cap with security ring 
4.customized Cap Cover can be use for any size cap . need offer your bottle and cap picture .
if you don't know how to choose . please send your bottle and cap picture to us . we will help you to choose one perfect machine for your business  .  

The machine 


The Cap Cover


1.Please send us detail cap size for production

2. One cap need to customized one metal head, it can not be used with other sizes of metal head.

About Machine

Packing list:
choose the 80w or 100w or 120w or Pneumatic
1 pc machine and 1pc balancer ( about the balancer:Hang the machine at a certain height, pull down and use the machine to start work)

About Cap Cover

10-50mm Capping Cover
Packaging list: 2pcs aluminum cap cover
4pcs rubber pad (10-20mm, 20-30mm,30-40mm ,40-50mm)
Notice:this one can't be used for cap with security ring .
Packaging list:2pcs aluminum cap cover
2pcs rubber pad (28-32mm,38mm )
Notice:this one special for 28-32mm 38mm bottle cap with security ring
Packaging list:1pc aluminum cap cover
5pcs rubber pad 
notice:this one need offer the height and diameter of the cap.can be customized for any size.