ZONEPACK Peristaltic Pump Filling Machine Aerosol Soda Beverage Wine Drink Perfume Bottle Water Automatic Packing Making Machines

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Equipped with peristaltic pump,this liquid filling machine can work automatically,it can fill about 30-50 bottles/min.Each filling nozzle of this machine can be controlled separately,additionally the liquid will not pass through the pump during filling,ensure the liquid is clean after filling.



Container size
φ20-160mm H30-300mm
Max flow rate
2500m/min for each nozzle(based on water)
Filling accuracy
≤土 1%( for water)
Filling speed
30-50 pcs/ min(depending on bottles and flling liquid)
Power supply
The pump power
60W(For Each Nozzle)
Packing weight
Packing size