ZONEPACK LT-50D Semi Automatic Label Applicator Labeling Machine With Date Coder Printer Bottle Labeller Sticker Machine

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1. Compare with LT-50 labeling machine, this LT-50D is with a date coder.

2. The new stainless steel shell , the new imported fiber, automatically adjust the cursor position with buttons, with a screwdriver adjustment, is different from the old one.
3. Mainly suitable for all kinds of round bottles of the non-drying label, can accurate positioning. Plus code printer, can be directly to code label. Edge welt.

4. Convenient and quick Code printer about position is adjustable, before and after the printing time can be adjusted according to need code printer speed: according to the labeling machine.


  • Width 150mm* Length 230mm

  • Model: LT-50D               

  • Labeling speed: 20-40pcs/min

  • Diameter of bottle: Φ20-130mm

  • Min.label size: W30mm*L30mm

  • Max. Label size: 130mm Width*300mm Length

  • Outside diameter of label roll(max): Φ260mm

  • Inside diameter of label roll: Φ76mm

  • Accuracy of labeling: ±0.5mm

  • Machine weight: 35kg

  • Voltage/Frequency: 220V/110V, 50/60HZ/ 100W


1.These two machine are designed for labeling on curved surface,LT-50D can not be used with transparent label,but LT-50DT can be used with it,please choose the right machine.

2.We also have the labeling machine which are designed for labeling on flattened surface.

3.We also have the labeling machine without date printer. If you need it please contact us.