ZONEPACK MT-30 Simple Manual Handy Round Wine Bottle Adhesive Sticker Label Applicator For PET Plastic Bottle Packing Labeling Machine

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It can help you remove a label from its liner or backing paper easily. This machine is widely used in manufacturing, bulk mailing, packaging, and the food and beverage industry. Manual labeling machine are useful for small jobs.


This machine is Suitable for round bottles like PET bottle, plastic bottle, glass bottle, metal bottle, etc.Widely used in cosmetics, beverage, foodstuff, food, medical industries. Rapidly raise the production efficiency, and the label quality.

Main Parameter:

          Label Roll inner diameter: ≥75mm
            Label Roll Out  diameter: ≤150mm
              Bottle diameter:15-120mm,H≤150mm
                Label width:10-110mm
                  Label Length:10-300mm
                    Machine size:400*240*210mm
                    Machine weight:4.5kg
                    We will ship the machine within 2 days after received the payment, and the price is including shipping cost, it usually takes 7-10 days to arrive.


                    1. This desktop bottle label machine can save space,and easy to use

                    2. Suitable for round bottles:adjust the distance between the two rolls to fit the bottle

                    3. Manual type:with no need for connecting power and save energy

                    Steps of using

                    1. Adjust the distance between two rolls,and put on your bottle

                    2. Adjust the bottle holder to fix the bottle

                    3. Rotate the handle to work