Double Nozzle Cream Honey Chocolate Sauce Alcohol Filling Machine with Heater

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Size: 5-100ml
plug type: US
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Nozzle:Single Nozzle
Power:220/110V  50/60HZ
Working Speed:About 20-40 pcs/min (depending on operator speed, product density, draw length, a fill speed, among others)
Air Consumption:3-5KG 0.4-0.6MPa
Hopper Size:30L
Working Mode:Pneumatic(If you need air compressor,please contact us.)
Filling accurate: (+/- 1%)
1This filling machine with mixer and can keep constant temperature,which is designed for paste filling like chocolate,sauce etc.
2. Main parts of the machine are made of food grade material (SS 304/316)
3.Rugged Rotary Valve System Design
4.Silica gel O-ring System(cam bear 200 Celsius degree)
5..Piston Feed Speed Adjustment
6..No-drip Option Included and Installed
7.Extremely Easy to Clean and Maintain
8.Extremely Easy to Operate
9.Quick Connect/Disconnect Pneumatic Fittings.
Control Panel:
 Semi Auto/Continuous Operation Selector Switch
 Air Pressure Gauge
 Air Intake Pressure Adjustment
 Piston Volume Adjust
Wearing parts :  Silica gel O-ring System (when delivery, we will prepared enough for you use in one year. Customer can buy in the future in their country)
About pneumatic filling machine
ZONEPACK filling machines are made of stainless steel, the main parts are adopted world wide branded part, like Airtac, Siemens and so on.
It will come together with spare parts and maintennace tools if you buy the machine.We not only provide standard machines but also custmize whatever you like, like add up a mixer for very high density stuffs, process a heating hopper, or make a bigger hopper, or make more filling head too meet with high production efficiency requirement, and even can privide you assistant equipment with cost price, like air compressor, and so on.
About filling solution business
Generally, our filling machines are divided into liquids filler, and paste filler, manual filler and semi-automatic filler and fully automatic filler, you can find almost filling solution over here, as we are very professional in this field, we would like give you our suggestion.