ZONEPACK Tea Filling Machine 1-32g Filling Range Automatic Weighing Machine Powder Filler

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  • This powder filling machine is suitable for micro and small components such as rice, tea leaf, farina, flour, milk powder, plaster, coffee powder, medicine powder, coarse powder, Tieguanyin, herbs, seeds, grains, Chinese wolfberry, monosodium glutamate, salt, seasoning, beans, chemical components, electronic components, etc.
  • Automatic weighing packaging, multi-functional packaging, suitable for many types of goods, stainless steel housing, the appearance of fine high-end.
  • This automatic powder filling machine is capable of separating the powder, and the packing speed is adjustable
  • The weighing excessive alarm can be set as well as the weight and the number of packages can be showed.
  • Multi-function spiral machine is more suitable for strip shape tea and particles shape tea and not easy to damage the tea.
  • ZONEPACK one year warranty . if you meet any problem, please contact with us,such as how to use it, thank you!

  1. Not be suitable for granule larger than 0.5'' in diameter.
  2. The Vibration plate using sealant seal, no material leakage.
  3. Small size, light weight; minimal power, energy conservation.
  4. Stainless steel shell, infrared induction switch inducts to lay it off.
  5. Infrared sensor switch sensor block discharge, quantitative precision sensors.
  6. The machine can automatic weigh and measure to multifunctional subpackage.
  7. Microcomputer control of optical technology, high accuracy, fast, good quality.
  8. Adjustable packing speed, double shock structure, it is running smoothly, low noise.
  9. Oblique throwing feeding, do not squeeze the material damage, especially for fragile materials packaging.

Technical Parameters:
Power: 150W
Voltage: 110V/60Hz
Bucket Capacity: 1.5kg
Scope: general particulate material
Subpackaging range: 2-100g adjustable
Filling type: Automatic Weighing and Filling Machine

Steps of using:
1.Plug the machine into power, open the switch on the left side of the machine and the control panel will be lighten, the machine then comes into readiness status.