ZONESUN All-in-One Felt Tip Marker Packaging System ZS-AFCU1

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Voltage: 110v
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Revolutionize your marker packaging process with our cutting-edge system that seamlessly integrates a sorting machine and a monoblock. This innovative solution streamlines production, minimizes waste, and delivers exceptional quality at an industry-leading speed of 2300pph.

The sorting machine meticulously aligns and positions the marker barrels, ensuring a smooth and efficient flow into the monoblock. Pneumatic grippers gently transfer the barrels to the star wheel's dual-clamp stations, where they are securely held for precise filling.

The system then dispenses the liquid ink with unmatched accuracy, followed by the automated placement of felt tips and caps. Vibrating bowl feeders and pneumatic grippers ensure precise handling and positioning of these components.

A dedicated felt tip pressing station guarantees a secure fit, while a separate cap pressing station completes the packaging process. Finally, the finished markers are ejected from the star wheel, ready for distribution.