ZONESUN Automatic Eye Drop Filling and Capping Machine ZS-AFC6F

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Voltage: 110v
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Streamline your eye drop production with our state-of-the-art Eye Drop Filling and Capping Machine. This all-in-one machine features a rotary disc system, allowing for efficient and simultaneous processing at multiple stations.

Our machine simplifies the process by manually placing bottles onto the conveyor track. From there, the rotary disc transports them to the filling station. Equipped with a precise peristaltic pump, it accurately fills each bottle with liquid. The bottles then move to the inner plug placement station, where plugs are securely pressed onto the bottle opening using a suction cup device. At the cap sealing station, caps are tightly pressed onto the bottle top. The finished products are promptly ejected for packaging and distribution. Increase your productivity and ensure consistent quality with our Eye Drop Filling and Capping Machine.

Whatever your packaging needs are, you can rely on Zonesun.

Automatic eye drop packaging machine