ZONESUN Double Head Rotor Pump Jams Cream Paste Filling Machine ZS-VTRP2A

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Voltage: 110v
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The automatic Double Head Rotor Pump Filling Machine is an efficient, precise, and reliable device used for automated filling of various liquids, pastes, and viscous materials. Equipped with two twin-screw pumps, this filling machine enables simultaneous dual-channel filling operations, thereby enhancing production efficiency.

The equipment utilizes an advanced control system to accurately regulate the filling process based on preset parameters, ensuring consistent and precise filling volumes for each product. Operators can easily set the filling capacity and speed to meet the requirements of different products.

The automatic twin-screw pump filling machine also boasts several features and functionalities, including automatic filling, anti-drip design, contamination prevention system, and easy-to-clean structure. It can be integrated with other production line equipment to achieve a fully automated production process.

This type of filling machine finds wide applications in the food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. It is suitable for filling various liquids and viscous materials such as sauces, condiments, lotions, shampoos, and pharmaceutical formulations.