ZONESUN Automatic Packaging Production Line Filling Capping Labeling Wrapping ZS-FAL180Z7

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This is an automatic liquid packaging production line.

  1. Filling Machine: Equipped with a 4-head magnetic pump and adjustable nozzles, this machine ensures precise and efficient filling.
  2. Coding Machine: Features CO2 laser marking technology. No consumables.
  3. Capping Machine: Features a vibration bowl for cap feeding, pneumatic cap placement, and 4 rubber wheels for secure sealing.
  4. Labeling Machine: Utilizes an application belt for wrap-around labeling, ensuring accurate and professional labeling of your juice bottles.
  5. Wrapping Machine: This automatic machine stacks bottles and applies a protective film, maintaining product integrity and facilitating convenient transportation.
  6. Shrink Tunnel: The final step in the process, the shrink tunnel utilizes heat to shrink the film, creating a tight and secure packaging for your juice bottles.

Whatever your packaging needs are, you can rely on ZONESUN.