ZONESUN Liquids Powders Granule Premade Pouch Bag Packing Machine ZS-FSB30

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Pouch Loading Type: Stand
Voltage: 110V
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Introducing the Versatile Pouch Packaging Base Unit: Adaptable to Diverse Filling Needs

Beyond its exceptional performance as a powder pouch packaging machine, the innovative base unit offers remarkable versatility, adapting to various filling requirements with interchangeable top modules. This unique feature empowers you to package a wide range of products, including:

Powders: The auger filler seamlessly integrates with the base unit for efficient and precise powder packaging.
Liquids: By replacing the top module with a piston filler, you can effortlessly package sauces, condiments, and other liquid products.
Granule: The vibratory filler module allows for accurate and efficient packaging of granular materials like rice, beans, and pet food.