ZONESUN Monoblock Rotary Filling and Capping Machine ZS-FAL180F3

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Voltage: 110v
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This innovative system seamlessly combines a filling and capping machine with a bottle handling unit, streamlining your production process. The bottle handling unit utilizes a step-wise elevator structure to efficiently transport bottles. Vacuum suction cups gently grip each bottle and deliver it to the filling and capping machine. An integrated bottle orientation detection system ensures proper alignment before filling. The filling and capping machine employs a cam-driven starwheel for precise positioning at each station. Individual fixtures securely hold each bottle during the filling process. A three-stage peristaltic pump ensures accurate and rapid filling. Caps are delivered via a vibratory feeder and secured onto bottle openings using a vacuum suction head. The capping station utilizes a servo motor-driven three-jaw chuck for precise and secure capping. Finished products are then ejected through a base platform.